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To BYOD or not BYOD? That’s the question many organizations are toying with. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are gaining traction amongst enterprises—primarily because of the cost-savings benefit​​—but there have been hesitations stemming from employees. If your employees have told you that they like carrying a work phone, then they are likely just trying to avoid the personal privacy infringements typically associated with BYOD. 

Today, work is hardly limited to being done in the office or at home, work is being done everywhere! There are hybrid work policies in place, teleworking being done while employees travel (regardless if it’s for personal or corporate reasons) and employees that do work strictly from home are quite often picking up and spending a few hours working from coffee shops, restaurants or libraries to get a change of scenery. Carrying a work phone is just another device to keep track of. Already, many employees are carrying personal mobile devices, laptops, bluetooth headphones and a variety of other handheld electronics – and all the chargers and cables that go with them. We can guarantee you that your employees don’t actually want to add a work phone to that list. But, they’re concerned about their personal privacy. We’ll discuss why privacy is a major concern associated with BYOD and how SyncDog can provide the best of both worlds for both the employee and the enterprise. 

The Privacy Conundrum 

Wherever enterprise data is accessed and stored, your IT team needs to be able to monitor, manage and secure it. That is a nonnegotiable component and it extends to mobile endpoints. Employees understand that their organization needs to have full control over corporate-owned devices, which they are comfortable with because that phone only stores work-related information. However, when BYOD is in place, the waters become murky. Corporate apps sit right alongside personal apps which usually means corporate data intermingles with personal data. Most mobile security solutions in use today can’t distinguish personal data from work data so employers ultimately have access to personal information—such as location services, photos, applications etc.— on personal devices. In addition, what happens when employees leave? As the employer, you’re going to want to ‘wipe’ the device with enterprise data, right? That doesn’t sit well with employees either, knowing that their personal information could get deleted in this transaction. Your employees have the right to personal privacy and your organization MUST integrate security principles into mobility policies. SyncDog is your solution. 

Employee Privacy + Advanced Security = SyncDog’s BYOD Solution

SyncDog’s Secure.Systems is a Trusted Mobile Workspace protected through a validated FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256-bit encrypted application container that isolates and protects work related emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, documents and access to the intranet. Corporate/government data is stored and secured away from personal data on a single device. Administrators can easily define the security rules within the app and also grant or deny corporate/government data access privileges on devices while not having any visibility whatsoever into the personal area of the same device.

With SyncDog, it doesn’t matter if the device is iOS or Android, Windows or MacOS, Managed or Unmanaged, Corporate-owned or Personal (BYOD). Secure.Systems protects and manages devices, controlling access to apps (such as TikTok), defending against phishing and malware, and encrypting and isolating all corporate data, files and apps accessed by or stored on devices, simplifying set-up and management and improving productivity. SyncDog’s holistic approach to mobile endpoint security preserves employee privacy and empowers employees to maintain control over their personal information, without a trade-off in productivity or sacrificing enterprise security.

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