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Secure.Systems Tutorials

Mobile trust made simple.

Thank you for your interest in Secure.Systems! If you have submitted your information for our Free Trial (expiring on 6/30/20), a representative will reach out shortly with your QR code so you can download the app and get started!

Getting Started with Secure.Systems is Easy

  1. Download the app.
  2. Scan your Secure.Systems QR code.
  3. Enter account information.

Three steps, one password, all your productivity tools in a secured environment.


Uploading User Information in Bulk

Many organizations that use Secure.Systems have thousands of employees’ devices to protect.

With our bulk import functionality, uploading employee information and disseminating their Welcome Invitation is quick and simple.


Setting Up an Organization

Arranging your organization’s Secure.Systems features is as easy as just a few clicks.

Check out this tutorial to see how to customize your organization’s features within the platform.

Adding a New User

When bringing on a new team member or temporarily adding contractors to your Secure.Systems account, adding a new user is a brief process. 

Quick Overview of Secure.Systems

Short video giving you and your team a quick overview about Secure.Systems. 

Secure.Systems™ is available in fully-customizable bundles.

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