Secure.Systems™, by SyncDog

The First:
Fully Integrated
End-to-End Mobile Security

SyncDog provides one fully integrated modular solution that ensures…

Device Protection

Email & Data Encryption

Secure Support for BYOD

Native / Hybrid app store


DLP / Dual Persona

IOS or Android

Role Based Functionality

SyncDog, when your old EMM solution just isn’t enough!

Bring your Own Device - Secure Deployment Solutions





Tired of being chained to your desk? 

You need SyncDog’s Secure.Systems™. Secure.Systems™ is a mobile security solution built with the mobile worker in mind. Watch to learn how to turn your personal device into a mobile office.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

A single instance of our Secure.Systems™ solution can be utilized across your mobile workforce as well as 3rd party contractors and consultants.


Enable BYOD

The Secure.Systems™ Workspace provides a secure application platform for employees accessing enterprise mobile productivity apps on BYOD or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) devices.


Increased Productivity & Security

Our solution finally removes the technological struggle of having to choose between increased security or increased productivity. SyncDog enables you to have both.

See How Secure.Systems™ Can Secure Your Mobile Workforce



Do Jailbroken Devices Break Your Security Plan ?

How SyncDog's Containerization Protects You Even if your Device has been Jailbroken Jailbreak Detection – The First Line of Defense Both our iOS and Android clients have built-in jailbreak detection that will not only prevent the application from running, but will...

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Several dangerous #Mobile Trojans are circulating app stores hidden in benign mobile applications such as healthcare apps, photo editors, and popular games, Here is what to look out for: @DarkReading

We are excited to announce that SyncDog was named a winner in @GlobeeAwards's 2022 Global Excellence Awards with Gold in the #Mobile Security and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) categories! Read more about the awards here: #MobileSecurity #BYOD

Zero-click #Malware, such as Pegasus #spyware, has gained popularity. They are particularly dangerous because they require no action, like clicking on a link, and leave no trace, leaving many not even knowing their #MobileDevice is infected: @CSOonline

BYOD is a major trend in 2022 and #SyncDog can help your business tap into the flexibility of #BYOD with our Trusted Mobile Workspace that protects and manages corporate data on all employee devices: #MobileSecurity

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