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Our pure-software solutions solve the mobility service & security dilemmas and allow IT administrators to spend more time on high cost support calls!


In addition to being an innovator in Mobility Security, SyncDog offers guidance for organizations interested in making informed enterprise mobility decisions!


Learn more about the network of Partners around the world. Our global partners are sales and technical experts in all aspects of SyncDog solutions.


SyncDog is the leading ISV for containerized application security for enterprise mobile computing. Learn more about SyncDog’s solutions at Secure.Systems

Latest News from SyncDog

Five Things You Can Do to Reduce Risk from BYOD in Healthcare

May 16, 2018
As we discussed in a recent blog, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is today an essential component in healthcare workflows already – and it’s still growing in spite of its...

SyncDog, Inc. Announces Sponsorship Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange in Germany, Slated for May 23-24

May 14, 2018
SyncDog, Inc. is sponsoring the 2018 Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange (EMTE) in Berlin, Germany, a conference focused on improving mobile strategies for organizations in the immediate future and beyond, attended...

Hospitals Aren’t Doing Enough Now for BYOD Security, even as BYOD Continues to Grow

April 30, 2018
Mobile devices are now strategically essential components in healthcare workflows. For hospital workers, moving quickly is a matter of life and death, and mobile devices deliver research enableme.nt and expedite...