Reston, VA — SyncDog, a leading software company specializing in mobile security solutions, has been honored with the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) esteemed Cyber50 award. This recognition underscores SyncDog’s significant contributions to the mobile cybersecurity sector. The NVTC, one of the nation’s premier tech councils, annually celebrates the achievements of top regional organizations, spanning startups to Fortune 100 companies, government contractors, service providers, academic institutions, and nonprofits dedicated to innovation for global improvement.

“We’re proud of the recognition with this award from the council, but more importantly, we are honored to be working with the council to socialize the risk to data and IP that is widespread in large organizations from mobile intrusion,” said Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO and founder of SyncDog. “It is still the IT ‘Wild West’ when it comes to mobile security in 2024, and together with the NVTC, our goal is to raise awareness of the problem.”

SyncDog’s receipt of the Cyber50 award highlights its pioneering role as the first fully integrated Zero Trust end-to-end mobile security solution. This distinction positions SyncDog as a leader in providing unparalleled data security without relying exclusively on intrusive Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools.

“Our goal is to help improve our members’ security posture through education and awareness of the latest technologies available to help fight cybercrime,” said Gabriel Galvan, recent chairman of NVTC’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee and current CEO at RevTek Solutions. “SyncDog has been a great advocate for mobile security best practices and excellent NVTC partner, helping lead and mentor our members at our local events.”

The cornerstone of SyncDog’s success is the Trusted Mobile Workspace (TMW) solution, which goes beyond the limitations of traditional MDM systems. TMW employs military-grade encryption through containerization software, ensuring robust protection for sensitive data across various devices, including mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Noteworthy is SyncDog’s commitment to securing data on every device within an organization, whether company-owned (COPE) or personally owned (BYOD), without compromising personal privacy.

Brian Egenrieder, Chief Revenue Officer at SyncDog, affirms, “Our unique Trusted Mobile Workspace solution aims to positively transform business practices by enhancing security, reducing costs, saving time, and increasing efficiency across enterprises globally.”

One of SyncDog’s key differentiators is its application-based approach, fostering device independence and eliminating the need for companies to provide smart devices for all employees. This not only enhances security but also results in substantial cost savings for organizations year over year.

SyncDog’s strategic location near the D.C. metro area uniquely positions the company to assist federal agencies and their contractors in adhering to emerging security and mobility guidelines set by the government. SyncDog aims to help these institutions maintain compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, FISMA, CMMC, and others, without compromising productivity.

As remote and hybrid working becomes the norm, SyncDog recognizes the urgent need for organizations to adopt a Zero Trust mobile endpoint security solution. The company’s Trusted Mobile Workspace, protected through a FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256-bit encrypted app container, ensures that corporate data on employees’ devices is secure, whether company-owned or personal.

Egenrieder added, “SyncDog is designed to increase the productivity of mobile employees without compromising security or privacy. Our true Zero Trust architecture removes workforce limitations, enabling secure collaboration between mobile employees and their enterprise ecosystem.”

SyncDog’s extensive suite of integrations, including SharePoint, Skype for Business, enterprise chat, geo-location services, Dropbox, Personal Information Management (PIM) suite, Office Suite, Office 365, file sync, and secure mobile app management, empowers employees with secure access to essential work applications from any location and with any device.

SyncDog has successfully developed a mature distribution channel in most major business hubs around the world, achieving an impressive threefold year-over-year growth through 2022. Surpassing this growth multiplier in 2023, the company underscores its sustained success in addressing the escalating need for securing corporate data amidst a progressively mobile workforce.

About SyncDog: SyncDog is a leading provider of mobile security solutions, offering the first fully integrated Zero Trust end-to-end mobile security solution. With a commitment to data security, personal privacy, enhanced productivity, and convenience, SyncDog is at the forefront of the mobile security industry. For more information, visit SyncDog’s official website.

About NVTC: NVTC is the trade association representing the Northern Virginia technology community. One of the nation’s largest and oldest tech councils, NVTC convenes regional tech companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, government contractors, service providers, academic institutions, and nonprofits who are committed to innovating to improve how we live, work, and learn.


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