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Subscription Options

Secure.Systems™ comes in fully-customizable bundles

SyncDog Trusted Mobile Workspace (TMW) – CERTIFIED FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit encrypted containerized workspace that secures and isolates corporate and sensitive data from personal information on a single device – whether managed or unmanaged – COPE or BYOD – iOS or Android.

· Email Application – Full Exchange and 365 integration

· Calendar Application

· Contacts Application – Global Address List for offline access to contacts

· Notes Application

· Mobile Threat Defense – choose between Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) or Zimperium

· Microsoft Teams – full integration MS Teams messaging App

· File Manager Application – Manage, View, Edit, Copy and/or Delete files synced between a device and backend

· Briefcase Application – A shared workspace for centralized distribution and access to files and docs

· OneDrive Application – Integration to OneDrive

· Box Application – Integration to Box

· DropBox Application – Integration to DropBox

· File Sync Application – seamlessly sync Files between devices and backend

· Secure Browser – Securely access intranet and internet sites

· Location Services – Full GPS tracking and location-based application rules

· Chat – XMMP support

· Camera – Capture images while within the Secure Workspace

· Photo Storage – Isolate corporate use images from personal

MDM Solution Mobile Device Management (MDM) – for both iOS and Android. Protect and manage devices controlled by the organization.

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – choose between Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) or Zimperium.

Application Integration Framework – Integrate native applications into the Trusted Mobile Workspace

Private App Store – for both iOS Android – Distribute Native and Hybrid apps throughout your organization without publishing them to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


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