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Secure your BYO-PC Workforce

Enable employees working remotely to stay secure, productive, and efficient regardless of whether they use personal or company-owned devices, without the need for virtual desktop infrastructure or restrictive device management policies.

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Future-Proof your workforce

The landscape of remote work is constantly evolving, and today’s workforces now encompass a more diverse device environment – iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows & Linx devices. Plus, there are new remote work policies being introduced, and offshore and contract workers to monitor.

How does any organization protect and secure their enterprise data across this vast ecosystem of personnel and devices?  SyncDog enables organizations of all sizes to protect employees accessing corporate data on personally owned or unmanaged devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

SyncDog removes the need for extensive backend infrastructure or virtualized desktop delivery, simultaneously bolstering security, productivity, and employee satisfaction while conserving IT resources and expenses.


Uphold data protection and compliance standards for remote work by segregating and shielding company activity from any personal usage on shared devices.


Enable secure remote work capabilities on employee-owned personal devices or unmanaged computers running Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, or Linux operating systems.


An efficient and straightforward solution for IT teams to securely configure remote employees or hybrid workforces.

BYO-PC is here to stay

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend that previously began with mobile devices is now extending to personal computers used for remote work. This amplifies the quantity of devices that access sensitive corporate information and applications.

BYO-PC from SyncDog strategically secures and encrypts enterprise apps and data while respecting worker privacy, allowing employees to leverage their own devices, and reducing device expenses for organizations.

Remove the requirement to restrict entire personal computers

Our secure container technology guarantees all enterprise apps and data remain partitioned and protected on employees’ devices.

Administrators and IT teams can utilize flexible security configurations to bolster employee efficiency and productivity, while safeguarding company data. SyncDog’ BYO-PC enables rigorous IT control over work programs and information allowing admins to set policies for network connectivity, device usage, copy-paste privileges, and plus many additional controls.

Leverage SyncDog to secure and protect all your organizations devices – iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows – one solution across your entire device ecosystem.

Flexibility for Users

Enabling secure personal device usage for work grants end users the freedom to choose their preferred equipment. This empowers IT and security staff to efficiently provide adaptable yet fully-protected work environments, balancing employee choice with comprehensive corporate data safeguarding.

Scalability for IT

Eliminate the hassles and costs involved with procuring, distributing, and administering company-owned laptops. Our solution furnishes IT departments with the necessary supervisory capabilities to uphold data protection standards and compliance mandates on bring-your-own or unmanaged devices.

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