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Secure your mobile environment with the next level data Encryption

Loss of sensitive data can lead to regulatory fines, reduction in productivity, addtional costs and reputational damage. Protect your business and data in a simple, streamlined approach with Email Encyption.

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Continuous Protection

Surpass basic email encryption

SyncDog offers straightforward email encryption that is highly secure as part of a comprehensive email protection solution. Importantly, SyncDog combines email encryption with other layers of data protection like data leak prevention, archiving, and filtering to block malware and sophisticated threats

Safeguard data in motion and at rest

Transport Layer Security (TLS) does not provide any security for inactive data. This means your emails and attachments may be unprotected while stored on sending and receiving servers, or other servers handling emails in transit. Therefore, TLS alone does not fully secure your emails.

SyncDog encrypts all email and attachments on every server where they are stored. When a user replies to an encrypted message, the reply is automatically encrypted too.

Leverage AES-256 encryption with automated key management

SyncDog utilizes 256-bit keys, commonly called AES-256, to secure all encrypted emails.

Once an email is encrypted, the recipient is notified and provided a link to SyncDog’s Message Center. Accessing the message requires HTTPS. The recipient must create a password initially and then reuse it for subsequent access. Replies are also sent through the Message Center to maintain security.

Streamline compliance with customizable encryption policies

For encryption to be effective, it must be applied to emails containing sensitive or legally-protected data. This is essential for heavily-regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and legal that must secure certain data categories.

SyncDog allows you to easily create policies to automatically encrypt emails based on sender, recipient, keywords, domain, and other criteria. This enables secure sharing of sensitive information with customers and partners, reducing potential data loss while facilitating regulatory compliance.

Harness multilayered data protection beyond just encryption

Email encryption controls who can access messages after they leave your organization. However, it does not stop unauthorized users from sending emails with sensitive data like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or HIPAA information. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) scans every outbound email for risky content. Based on the content, the email can be automatically encrypted, quarantined, or blocked.

Your data is further safeguarded by email archiving, which enforces email retention policies using a tamper-proof record of communications. Additionally, Barracuda provides full cloud backup of every email to protect your data if the mail server is unavailable or users delete important messages.

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