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  • For Mobile Security, Antivirus is a Band-aid, not a Solution
  • BYOD Data Security Threat – Potentially Your Greatest Cyber Threat
  • GDPR will bring the Teeth that have been Missing in Data Security Auditing and Compliance
  • SyncDog 6 Things That Will Accelerate Enterprise Mobility Security Adoption
  • SyncDog Correlation Whitepaper – Why mobile device event log correlation matters
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Mobility Security Assessment

Enterprise mobility security assessment. These assessments are normally completed as part of solution deployment and valued at $5,000. 

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Current SyncDog EMM Integrations Include:

Mobile EMM Integrations for Skype for business
One Drive EMM Integrations
EMM Integrations for Microsoft Intune
SharePoint EMM Integration
Office 365 Enterprise Mobility
Microsoft Azure EMM Integration
OneNote EMM Integration
Microsoft Intune EMM Integrations
MobileIron Solutions

SyncDog is Looking to Integrate Further

We are actively evaluating EMM solutions to integrate the Secure.Systems™ containerized workspace with. If you have an EMM product and would like to partner with us, please contact us here.



7 Mobile Security Threats 2020 (and the Best Solution)

By: Jonas Gyllvensaan, CEO, SyncDog The increasing sophistication of mobile device security threats is alarming. Individuals and businesses alike should be aware of security vulnerabilities of the mobile devices they use whether they are smartphones, tablets, laptops...

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BYOD: Mobile Security Software Deployment and Maintenance

By: Jonas Gyllvensaan, CEO, SyncDog  When it comes to selecting the best technology plan for your company, take note of the fact that organizations are increasingly implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.  Pros of BYOD Approximately, 87% of organizations...

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#SecureSystems goes beyond typical mobility management solutions by offering Anti-Virus Protection, Mobile Threat Detection, and Data Loss Prevention. Check out how #SyncDog can help protect your organization: #mobilesecurity

Not having a #mobilesecurity solution in place to ensure data is stored and transferred using strong encryption is where #JeffBezos team fell short. Read more about how the #Amazon CEO's iPhone was hacked last week: @skirchy @guardian

.@kellymsheridan reports on how #Apple users can now use their iPhone as a #security key feature: @DarkReading

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APP CONFIG Community


SyncDog is now an AppConfig Community Member. Through the AppConfig Community, SyncDog is working to simplify enterprise application development and deployment within common standards provided by leading EMM providers. As part of the AppConfig Community, we have access to common framework components for VMware AirWatch and IBM MaaS360.