Whether your organization enables BYOD, issues corporate devices or a combination of both, TikTok’s Terms of Service should frighten you and make you realize that the data on any device – BYOD or Corporate – is at serious risk.

Here is just a sample from their privacy policy…

Device Information

We collect certain information about the device you use to access the Platform, such as your IP address, user agent, mobile carrier, time zone settings, identifiers for advertising purposes, model of your device, the device system, network type, device IDs, your screen resolution and operating system, app and file names and types, keystroke patterns or rhythms, battery state, audio settings and connected audio devices. Where you log-in from multiple devices, we will be able to use your profile information to identify your activity across devices. We may also associate you with information collected from devices other than those you use to log-in to the Platform.

Taking steps to secure and encrypt your corporate/government data from nefarious applications that can be downloaded onto personal or corporate devices is a simple, yet necessary way to ensure the security and integrity of your organizational data.

SyncDog provides true mobile security by incorporating a containerization-based solution that isolates and encrypts the data being accessed or  stored on the device without the need for an MDM device profile – and it doesn’t rely on the keystore to store its crypto keys. SyncDog’s Trusted Mobile Workspace takes containerization to the next level by offering industry-leading security in conjunction with a full suite of productivity applications, providing a desktop-like experience on mobile devices. Implementing SyncDog empowers organizations to transition from providing and managing corporate devices to experiencing the flexibility of BYOD without the threat of losing or exposing organizational data.

To learn more about SyncDog’s Mobile Security platform and our containerized solution that creates a vault for multiple applications and provides centralized management functionality for administrators, visit us at www.syncdog.com.