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Corporate mobile security is at a crossroads. Attacks on mobile devices continue to increase in both frequency and sophistication, the mobile security technologies built to protect against them, are falling far short. The technologies are not fully secure and are still notorious for being difficult to implement, restrictive on app and data access and far too intrusive on the end users privacy. As a result, employees are hesitant to embrace mobile security and corporate leaders are not bought into full scale utilization, because of the productivity loss and privacy issues their organization experiences. 

So, then what? What is happening within most organizations’ mobile processes? More often than not, it becomes a situation where unhappy employees find ways to circumvent restrictive and intrusive security protocols, or the decision makers themselves are putting security on the back burner to boost productivity – or both!  Where does that then leave the company? Clearly they are setting themselves up as a sitting duck for an attack or several attacks and it is no longer a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when.’

The state of mobile threats today shows that mobile security is no longer optional, in fact, it’s now a necessity. Even more so, a top priority. The good news is that mobile security no longer needs to be as complicated and intrusive as it always has been. At SyncDog, we understand the limitations, vulnerabilities and intrusiveness associated with traditional mobile security platforms. With that insight, we built a smarter, next generation “Zero Trust” security architecture that offers device independence and respects the privacy of the end-user. Our mission is to help organizations regain confidence in corporate mobile security throughout your security or IT teams, employee base, C-suite and board members by offering a highly secure solution that was built with the needs of the end-user – as well as their privacy – in mind. In this blog we’ll break down how our solution addresses common concerns and makes robust mobile security easily attainable. 

Employee Privacy Unlocked 

To BYOD or not to BYOD? With the speed and storage capability of modern phones combined with the much less expensive access to data, is it really even a question? After all, does using one device for work, email and apps with a separate device for personal email and apps really do anything to protect your company data any better? So why are companies and government agencies still issuing devices for “work use only”? It simply comes down to a perceived lack of better options. Most organizations still rely on outdated MDM technology as their primary mobile security solution. Solutions like these offer basic security capabilities such as forcing password policies, restricting usage of non work related apps like TikTok and other social media, and the “nuclear” option of wiping the device entirely if things go very wrong. BUT, the company needs to take control of the device in order to implement this type of functionality – and when it comes to employees using their personal devices for work (BYOD), this creates a very tricky “personal privacy” mine field to navigate. Employees understand the need for security but they don’t want their devices to be tracked, they don’t want access to apps or various websites blocked when they aren’t on the job, and they certainly do not want their company to have the right to erase everything on the device – without any say from the end-users themselves.    

SyncDog Difference: SyncDog’s Secure.Systems platform enables both autonomy and data privacy for employees without the need for device control and/or an MDM device profile be installed. With SyncDog, work related email, files and apps are completely isolated from personal data on the same device, with all corporate data residing within a highly secure containerized workspace. IT and security administrators will have complete control of all data, access, and functions within the workspace and can easily tailor them to fit the security policies and processes of the organization. Just as importantly however, they will NOT have ANY access to personal email, messaging apps, social media or other aspects of personal usage that employees deserve to keep private. Most importantly, if the employee were to lose their device or leave their job, the administrators will be able to delete the SyncDog workspace with all the sensitive work related data and leave all personal apps, email, pictures, text messages as is. 

Balancing Productivity and Security 

Now, more than ever, employees spend a lot of their time conducting work from home, work on-the-go, work while in coffee shops, restaurants, airports and cabs. With much of the workforce operating under hybrid environments, “Work From Anywhere” has become the norm. Attending a wedding or some other personal event out-of-state? Even if it was an evening occasion, a few years back, you’d have to take a day off for the time spent going to or from the event. Now however, most employers are perfectly fine with employees doing work from their hotel room, or remotely attending meetings while on the road – and at the same time, employees appreciate not needing to waste their PTO. With – or possibly because of – the dramatic shift in work location flexibility, many organizations feel they need to be much more rigid on what files, data or applications employees are authorized to access when not working within the secure perimeters of the company buildings. The data concern is legitimate, but limiting access also tends to limit productivity and many organizations struggle to find the right balance.   

SyncDog Difference: SyncDog’s Zero Trust platform is protected using Validated FIPS 140-2 cert., AES 256-bit encryption, removing the technological struggle of having to choose between security or productivity. Organizations will have peace of mind knowing that data residing within the container, or traveling to or from, is safe from any and all external threats, regardless of the device the data is being accessed on or the network the device is connected to. SyncDog’s Trusted Mobile Workspace has a slew of enterprise productivity applications including email, file share (OneDrive, Box, DropBox etc.), secure browsing, calendars, mapping, GPS and location tracking, camera/image storage and much more that enable employees to securely conduct the work they need, no matter the location.

Cost Effective Mobile Security

There are a variety of mobile management and security tools available– Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and more. Unfortunately, this isn’t a choice, of which solution fits your needs best.  Without a combination of most of these tools, all carefully and painstakingly integrated together, you’ll leave your organization vulnerable to a whole host of threats. But, here’s the problem: many of these tools are built separately, sold separately and mostly through separate vendors. Creating an effective mobile security architecture in this environment leaves two options. One is purchasing multiple “best of breed” solutions, from multiple vendors and then customizing the integrations between all the tools to attempt to make them work effectively together. The second is leverage a single vendor who has cobbled together a series of mediocre solutions that check all the boxes but leave you with a web of difficult to set up, administer, use components that only gets you the bare minimum of protection needed. The bill for either of these options can skyrocket quickly and the costs of resources needed to set up the solutions on all the end-users devices will increase that much further. Executives may cut back on their mobile security spending as a result, and then fail to see the ROI in their investment because productivity loss, poor user adoption and security risks still loom. 

SyncDog Difference: SyncDog provides enterprises with a smarter approach by giving access to all critical aspects of an effective mobile endpoint security solution from a single vendor, available via a single download and centrally managed through a unified administrative console. Secure.Systems offers a true Zero Trust architecture that protects and manages devices, controlling access to apps, defending against phishing and malware, and encrypting and isolating all corporate data, files and apps accessed by or stored on devices, simplifying set-up and management and improving productivity. All while separating personal use data and apps to respect the privacy of the end-users.


SyncDog offers enterprises the most comprehensive end-to-end mobile endpoint security platform. We live and breathe “mobile,” unlike larger companies that tack mobile security onto their services portfolio out of obligation. We care about protecting your corporate data just as much as you do. Together, we can regain confidence in corporate mobile security and put an end to the persistent mobile-based attacks.