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Our partners Kaonsoft, the leading provider for out-of-box mobility as a Kapion SyncDog Logo blog pictureservice (MaaS), and Kapion, a joint venture between Kaonsoft and ProMedica providing comprehensive mobile productivity applications
for healthcare provider workflow, spoke at ProMedica Innovation
Conference this week. Kaonsoft and ProMedica announced their new product, Kapion IOSurge Solution, which leverages our SentinelSecure encrypted container for secure application deployment in its mobile application development platform (MADP) implemented in the healthcare sector.
Kapion IOSurge Solution is designed to streamline operations throughout healthcare systems and dramatically reduce the need for a paper trail. It ensures the appropriate billing code and patient status is correctly communicated between physician offices and hospital OR scheduling to minimize costly errors in pre-op patient scheduling. It’s a standalone web-based solution with built-in procedural codes to allow the physician’s office to quickly and accurately identify the appropriate ICD-10/CMS procedural codes.

IOSurge Solution is secured on mobile networks via SyncDog’s SentinelSecure technology, which secures enterprise productivity applications in a military-grade encrypted container without compromising enterprise application functionality. Currently there are more than 30 productivity applications available from the SentinelSecure app container, including PIM, web browsing, internal/3rd-party messaging services, geo-location, and many others. SentinelSecure also has the capability to monitor IoT connections for visibility to security events as they take place on remote IoT devices.

SentinelSecure provides proactive, complete security visibility across mobile infrastructures, with audit trails for security and compliance. For more information on SyncDog solutions, please visit SyncDog.com.

Click here for more information about Kapion, Kaonsoft’s joint venture with ProMedica.