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woman's hand holding an iphone.

Post by Clay Miller, CTO, SyncDog

Apple’s reputation as a device that is naturally more secure than others has been taking a beating recently and may have just received a knockout blow with the revelation an unpatchable exploit named Checkm8. This exploit is a complete jailbreaking tool that works on a wide variety of iPhones and iPads, enabling an attacker to steal sensitive information from the device including certificates and keychain information.

Exploits like these have made it abundantly clear that no one can rely on the protection of an operating system alone, regardless of the vendor. Data protection is the responsibility of the enterprise, and there is no better way to protect enterprise data than with a Secure.Systems container. Data protected by SyncDog’s Secure.Systems remains encrypted and sealed, even on a jailbroken device. Both data stored on the device and data in transit are protected and impervious to attack even when an operating system or even network has been compromised.

Hackers will keep building exploits like Checkm8, and all device vendors will be targets. Fortunately, if you have a Secure.Systems container, exploits may come and go, but you can know your enterprise will emerge unscathed.

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