SentinelSecure™ C2 Workspace

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The network perimeter continues to move farther beyond the datacenter with the rapid expansion of BYOD and COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) mobility. In a complex world of IT sprawl, the reaches of your perimeter security continues to expand.

Monitoring all applications on all devices in the outermost regions of your datacenter is a daunting task. Having monitoring and visibility is only part of the battle. In the mobile security arena, you need greater fortification at the device level in the form of containerization. SyncDog SentinelSecure™ is this containerized workspace.

A containerized workspace provides a secure data platform that encrypts and transports data between your enterprise’s backend and secure, “sandboxed” applications on your organization’s mobile devices. SentinelSecure™ protects your enterprise network by securing data at rest and data in transit using FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit encryption. SentinelSecure™ is a software-based, secure mobility application framework and extension of your enterprise’s security architecture.

The app workspace supports a multitude of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, and Tablet. The SentinelSecure™ applications we have built fall into four workflow categories:

  • Secure Communications
  • Secure File Management
  • Secure Internet/Intranet Access
  • Secure Location-Based Services

You may view the corresponding SentinelSecure™ application workflows by expanding any of the section headers below:

Secure Communications [click to expand]

WebEmail Client– Securely access your enterprise Exchange email account in a self-contained workspace. Supports email attachments, links, and anti-virus scans
WebContacts – Securely access your enterprise Exchange contacts with local Global Address List (GAL). Your organization’s GAL is stored on the device upon provisioning for off-line access as well as ease of use.
icons_cal_120Calendar – Securely access your enterprise Exchange calendar. Full support of month view, week view, day view and agenda view

Secure File Management [click to expand]

WebBriefcase – Provides admin capability to securely post documents to centralized “briefcase” that synchronizes to the latest version, then pushes the documents to end-users.
WebFile Sync – Secure synchronization of files across network file store and remote device. This is a two-way sync.
phone-icons-all_sizesDropBox – Secure local access/storage from device to cloud-based 3rd-party file access management tool DropBox.
WebFile Manager – Secure mobile access to enterprise network files and manage them locally on the device.
WebOffice Suite – Securely access applications within Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
final-icon_sizes_ai-including-briefcase-no-dropshadowAnnotate – Securely annotate Office Suite files and other editable files and save/share in multiple file stores (Briefcase, DropBox, etc.).
WebWebSecure Camera/Image Roll – Images taken/stored/shared/annotated within secure container.
WebSecure SharePoint Workflows – Securely check in/check out shared files within Microsoft SharePoint. Edit and share docs within SharePoint work flows. Includes real-time synchronization.

Secure Internet/Intranet Access [click to expand]

WebSecure Browser – Browse the web without ever leaving the security of the container. Includes AES 256-bit encrypted back-office network connection for auditing/compliance.
icon_sizes_2HTML 5 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks – Securely run hybrid apps hosted in proprietary app frameworks. Hybrid apps remain within the secure con nes of the container.
WebEnterprise IM – Secure Instant Messaging via preferred enterprise IM platform. All messaging remains within the container.
WebSecure Chat – SyncDog-hosted mobile chat client where data and communications are kept within the secure container using Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol or XMPP.

Secure Location-Based Services [click to expand]

WebGeo-location – Secure service capability that identifies device location.
WebGPS Tracking – Secure service capability that identifies device location then stores geo-location data so you can
track the movement of the device over time. Includes storage and auditing capability.
WebGeo-fencing – Secure service capability that identifies device location with ability to map the geo-location with GPS tracking stored in secure database for auditing and compliance. Ability to set coordinates and issue real-time alerts configured to client preferences.
WebMaps – Secure service for viewing maps and storing map data.

Integration with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Systems

SentinelSecure™ ships with Integration to a multitude of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems. With SentinelSecure™, you get a military-grade containerized workspace that serves as a complementary layer of security to your existing InfoSec investment. Your mobile devices are fortified and your network perimeter remains secure.

SentinelSecure™ is currently integrated with the following EMM solutions:

  • MobileIron
  • Notify Technology, Inc.
  • Snow Software

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We are constantly adding applications and extending the functionality of SentinelSecure™. For more information, please click here to download the SentinelSecure™ datasheet for DoD.