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By: Brian Egenrieder, CRO at SyncDog

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are becoming ever-more commonplace as organizations realize the financial benefits of employees using their own phones as opposed to purchasing corporate devices and data plans. Employees tend to have negative feelings about “work phones” — it’s an extra device, often more outdated than their personal phone and possibly a different OS. No one wants to deal with either hassle. Let’s dive deeper into the pain points associated with finding a mobility solution that is agreeable to both employees and leadership:

The Woes of Working on a Phone

When it comes to relying on mobile devices to get work done throughout the day, it is exceptionally frustrating to not have the fully functioning programs you are used to using on a desktop. For example, Microsoft Excel. Sure, you can preview a sheet that was sent to you, but can you easily go into the file and make adjustments? No! Worse yet, is that the sheet might have confidential information that is exposed by being opened on a device that likely isn’t secure. The same is true with other Office 365 applications and documents.

Why the C-Suite Worries About Mobility

Leaders understand that there are inherent cybersecurity risks with employees working away from the office, whether they are permanently remote or simply travel a lot for their role. In an attempt to mitigate the inherent risks of a mobile workforce, leaders approve the purchasing of a multitude of security solutions ranging from anti-virus (AV) to data loss prevention (DLP). The trouble with these solutions is not only the vendor management aspect but also a lack of ability for them to cohesively integrate. Ultimately, organizations end up with more “solutions” than they have time to fully understand or properly implement, and employees have to jump through multiple hoops to simply access their emails and other basic needs.

Clearly, both employees and leadership teams feel the pain from the lack of a simple, all-in-one solution that fully addresses securing corporate data on mobile devices without impeding daily work tasks.

The Answer: One Device, Two Personas

Securing employees’ personal devices while also enabling greater ease of use combined with additional productivity tools, is the golden ticket. Secure.Systems by SyncDog allows personal devices to serve a dual purpose successfully. Within the encrypted application, all corporate data is protected from end-to-end and employees can use popular productivity tools in a fashion similar to their desktop experience. The encryption of data while in use, at rest and in transit in coordination with top-notch product integrations, like Symantec’s Mobile Threat Defense, provide the benefits of AV, mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), and DLP solutions, all in one. Users only have to remember a single sign-on.

Secure.Systems thus enables devices to have dual personas – Professional and Personal. Outside of the containerized application is the Personal persona in which employees use their devices like they normally would with no restrictions on application downloads or fear of repercussions or oversight from their company. In parallel, the Professional persona remains within the confines of the SyncDog’s Trusted Mobile Workspace application offering complete control of how the data is accessed, by whom and when. The partitioning of the Professional and Personal personas with the implementation of the Secure.Systems application allows for a more successful BYOD working environment, both for the employee and employer.


Secure.Systems is compliant with most government regulations including CMMC / 800-171, GDPR, CCPA, and many more. This benefit appeals to organizations’ legal, HR, Compliance and security teams alike.


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