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The past twelve months have been rife with corporate security compromises as enterprises realize how far they lag in their implementation of Zero Trust mobile security solutions for their remote workforces. Even as vaccines for COVID-19 rollout, many big name companies are opting to keep their teams remote through the end of 2021 – some permanently. Small to medium size businesses are following suit. As such, executives need an affordable and holistic mobile security solution to protect laptops, smartphones and tablets used for business purposes, whether company-owned or employee-owned. That’s where SyncDog’s Mobile Endpoint Security Solution comes in.

Our trusted mobile workspace has long been industry-validated, with the most recent acknowledgement being winning Gold in the Mobile Security category of the 17th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards. Additionally, we were similarly awarded in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) category. These distinguished international awards were evaluated by a committee of over 45 industry experts. With frequent new partnership integrations and rapidly evolving technology, our solution has garnered attention from the likes of  Forbes, The CyberWire, MSSP Alert and AiThority. Our pipeline of awards and media coverage have proved to customers, old and new, that our trusted mobile workspace is leading-edge technology made for today’s most pressing mobile workforce concerns.

There are five main pillars to our Mobile Endpoint Security Solution that customers rely on most and they are our mobile device management (MDM), containerization, secure messaging, mobile threat defense (MTD) capabilities and private app store. Let’s take a closer look at each of these!

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

One of the greatest strengths of MDM is the ability to control devices remotely. This element of the solution focuses on device tracking, inventory, application distribution, password verification and enforcement. Uniquely, our MDM solution can also protect data in use, in transit and at rest thanks to the other encryption and defense components, whereas traditional MDM solutions fall short of holistic data security. Another important distinguishing factor is that because our solution lives in a containerized application environment, corporate data and personal data are kept entirely separate. Nullifying employee concerns that the solution invades privacy. 


When an employee downloads Secure.Systems to their Android or iOS device, they have in essence downloaded an encrypted mobile work environment with fully functional productivity tools. This container sits on top of a devices operating system (OS), which means it is lightweight and won’t be compromised should the OS suffer an attack, which is increasingly common. Deploying the container is an easy lift for your security team as it, and any following updates, can be pushed out over the cloud from our centralized management console. We also offer on premise and hybrid deployment options.

Secure Enterprise Messaging

Messaging solutions are critical for enhancing communication and workflows between disparate team members. Unfortunately, data sharing concerns continue to ding the reputations of messenger applications, such as WhatsApp. Companies and individual users are realizing their online communication isn’t as secure as they once thought. Our secure enterprise messaging module is designed to further solidify the security of popular messaging applications, such as Signal and Microsoft Teams, by encrypting messaging threads and history both on the device and during transmission. This enhanced protection allows organizations to not only communicate more safely, but also aids in achieving compliance with major data security regulations and laws.

Mobile Threat Defense

Using mobile devices expands the corporate attack surface and is a prime target of attackers. Strategic partnership integrations with Zimperium and Symantec allow users to stay secure on both managed and unmanaged devices by ensuring they are protected before allowing access to sensitive corporate data. Mobile threat defense (MTD) contributes to Zero Trust architecture by protecting against prominently used attack tactics such as email or SMS phishing links. Additionally, these measures are implemented in a manner that secures corporate data without hindering employees’ productivity.

Private App Store

One of the biggest barriers to security solutions is user adoption. If the tool isn’t easy for users to use, they find work arounds which ultimately leads to vulnerabilities. We have prioritized user experience from day one for this exact reason, by designing the containerized app and the internal, private app store to be highly intuitive. This store can also easily be programmed to match your company’s branding, making it more familiar and trustworthy to your employees. The private app store is the perfect way to ensure employees are only downloading corporate-approved applications within the container. Should a malicious app be downloaded outside of Secure.Systems on a device, corporate data will remain secure.


Overall, Secure.Systems offers enterprises the most comprehensive award-winning end-to-end mobile endpoint security that is scalable and easy to use. Our engineers and developers live and breathe “mobile,” unlike larger companies that tack mobile security onto their services portfolio out of obligation. We care about protecting your corporate data just as much as you do.

We’d love to provide you with personalized insight into how Secure.Systems can be deployed and used for your enterprise. Reach out by requesting a demo.