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Secure.Systems Application Suite Enables the Effortless Sharing of Protected Information in Real-time for Increased Mobile Workforce Efficiency and Security

SyncDog Inc., the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for next generation mobile security and data loss prevention, today announced their role in streamlining the manner in which deployed utility crews exchange information during emergency outage situations. Traditionally, utility companies share project information through a heavily manual process, which is time consuming and inefficient in times of disaster. SyncDog supports secure communication for utility companies during precarious outages, ultimately saving time, costs, and enabling the restoration of power and heat to customers when they need it most.

“Our goal is to remove the struggle of time-consuming manual processes during an emergency situation in a manner that is as seamless as possible”

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Each year, utility companies are presented with major challenges brought on by natural disasters, equipment failure, and aging electricity grids which lead to large-scale power outages that affect millions of Americans. In these situations, utilities often rely heavily on sister utility companies, contractors, and crews from supporting industries all over the country to repair and replace infrastructure that has been damaged. With this collaboration comes considerable obstacles in sharing information which results in trucks and crews being sent to incorrect locations without proper equipment or capabilities. Adding to the problem, current dispatch systems are dated, difficult to deploy to large crews, and open to an array of security vulnerabilities. SyncDog makes it possible for utility companies to inform mobile workers by offering a workspace of applications that enables secure collaboration while in the field, from a highly-functional mobile container.

“Our goal is to remove the struggle of time-consuming manual processes during an emergency situation in a manner that is as seamless as possible,” said Brian Egenrieder, CRO of SyncDog. “With our Secure.Systems application suite, users can be up and running within minutes of accessing the application, allowing them access to outage information, equipment diagrams, safety manuals, documentation, logistics, and directional information regarding where they need to be, all in the palm of their hand and in real-time.”

SyncDog’s Secure.Systems provides a project or needs-based workspace of applications that enables utility and other mobile workers to securely communicate from any location. The entire workspace employs FIPS-compliant (cert. #2687), AES 256-bit encryption to secure the utility company’s proprietary data and IP both on worker’s devices and in transit to the datacenter. The real time exchange of information assures accurate and timely updates of progress, and the GPS tracking capabilities allow companies to know exactly where a specific crew member is located and how far they are from where they need to be next. Once the work is complete and the crews are heading home, Secure.Systems has the ability to automatically wipe data from the application, keeping information safe and secure – while not impacting any other data on the worker’s device.

Most recently, SyncDog has engaged with a large, east coast utility provider to help their deployed crews tackle these communication challenges during emergency situations when time is critical, resources are invaluable, and coordination is essential. Opening lines of communication and providing effortless integration for unified collaboration places SyncDog’s solution in a unique position to advance the utility industry into a new era. On Nov. 21 and 22, the SyncDog team will be attending Australian Utility Week in Melbourne and will be demoing their Secure.Systems platform during the event at booth D16. SyncDog’s CRO, Brian Egenrieder, will also be showcasing at the Field Force Management – Mobile Security Infrastructure Tech Talk at 11:00 AEDT on Nov. 21 and will be speaking on the Cracking the Innovation Code with a Rapid Learning Culture panel at 16:30 AEDT on the same day. For more information about the event, visit their website here.

About SyncDog Inc.

SyncDog is the leading ISV for building mobile frameworks that extend app functionality to devices while securing corporate and Government networks from mobile-endpoint threat. SyncDog’s flagship solution, Secure.Systems, delivers a rich and unimpeded mobile experience for employees working remotely, and supports a multitude of enterprise productivity apps within a NIST-certified (FIPS 140-2 cert. #2687), workspace. Secure.Systems is ideal for organizations that want to deliver a rich mobile app experience across BYOD, CYOD (choose your own device), or other endpoint device policy. Secure.Systems is a natural complement to security and compliance auditing initiatives to satisfy the mandates of HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and other laws/standards for data security.

Secure.Systems can be deployed as managed service from https://secure.systems or as an on-premise solution. Additionally, Secure.Systems can be found on the Microsoft Azure and MobileIron marketplace exchanges, as well as on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

For more information about SyncDog, please visit https://www.syncdog.com.