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Version 4.4 of SentinelSecure™ is architected to alleviate the sprawling points of network intrusion from mobile devices due to the explosion of BYOD and COPE practices.

Device manager in SentinelSecure

Device manager in SentinelSecure

SyncDog, Inc., the leading ISV for mobile application containerization, today announced the latest release of its SentinelSecure™ mobile container, version 4.4. The latest version of SentinelSecure ships with a more secure container for file management and file sync that is designed to lock down data at rest and in transit with FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption. This improvement to the SyncDog mobile application container comes with minimal affect to application functionality. While applications continue to be a main vulnerability across mobile access points, the newest version of SentinelSecure v4.4 includes improved collaboration across enterprise business services such as Office Suite productivity tools, PDF annotation, network file shares, ActiveSync, Email and IM tools.

“Our driving force these past few months (to get version 4.4 completed) has been geared towards improving the end-user experience without compromising device security,” said Jonas Gyllensvaan, SyncDog CEO and founder. “We will continue increase the number of business applications and infrastructure support available within SentinelSecure, with first priority to security followed by flexibility in deployment options.”

Mobile apps in SentinelSecure Container

Mobile apps in SentinelSecure Container

SentinelSecure v4.4 ships with the following security enhancements:

  • File Manager and File Sync via secure encrypted channel with network drives and PC’s
  • Secure texting within the container
  • Secure container integration with enterprise Skype Instant Messaging applications

Additionally, the SentinelSecure management console underwent a significant update with a new GUI that includes:

  • Advanced policy controls for user- and group-based application management
  • Role-based authenticated access control
  • Multi-language support in an easy-to-configure console
  • And other enhancements for ease of navigation and setup for the end user

SentinelSecure is provisioned across the SyncDog Sentinel Server, a highly extensive, flexible agent-based EMM platform with active monitoring of BlackBerry 5 and 10 servers, Good for Enterprise and Microsoft ActiveSync. Sentinel Server is a comprehensive mobility monitoring solution for managing user setup/configuration, mobile access policy, security message logging, container lock/wipe functions, inventory management and other functions critical to mobile security and compliance.

Current instances of SentinelSecure v4.4 and the Sentinel Server are installed within a branch of the U.S. Federal Government in an evaluation capacity.  For additional details about this proof of concept deployment, please contact SyncDog directly.

The SentinelSecure v4.4 application container and Sentinel Server are currently GA. For more information on SyncDog products, please visit www.syncdog.com.

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