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For more than a decade, mobile employees have been working with one hand tied behind their backs. The productivity and bottom-line benefits that mobility originally implied have been cancelled out by overly-restrictive mobile security policies. Secure.Systems by SyncDog, Inc. provides your workforce a full suite of enterprise Apps on mobile. Most companies today have employees who want the ability to work outside the 4 walls of the organization.     The reality is that current mobile security solutions being utilized today still have them tethered to their laptop and office.     Secure.Systems breaks those binds and enables mobile workers to be just as productive outside the office as in. Plus, it no longer matters if they are using their corporate, phone (COPE) or their own (BYOD) device – all the functionality is there, at their finger tips, and the data is more secure than ever.

Now, SyncDog, Inc. is teaming up with SystAG Systems GmbH is offering a SharePoint module within the Secure.Systems framework to help further enable the productivity of mobile workers.   Tap on the app and easily and securely access all of your SharePoint content on your mobile device. Your employees – and even contractors and other 3rd party workers – should be able to do their work from wherever they are – the end point shouldn’t matter.   The potential is now even greater as SyncDog is adding SharePoint to a whole host of other office applications (email, calendar, contacts, office editor, file share, secure browser, location services, messaging etc) along with an architecture that protects and secures your mobile workforce through FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit encryption.  Secure.Systems by SyncDog, Inc. finally removes the technological struggle of having to choose between increased security or increased productivity. Focusing on the optimization of business processes and the development of customer-oriented, innovative new concepts and services. Come see us at BOOTH 210.

Make sure to stop by and see us at #SPTechCon and see how SharePoint is being utilized with Secure.Systems!

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