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Hordes of IT security managers think having an enterprise mobile management (EMM) or mobile device management (MDM) solution means they’re covered for mobile security. These solutions are good for keeping track of devices, procuring them for employees, and loading and managing OS’s and apps. However, just because you have EMM and MDM and spend countless hours within the ones and zeros of these tools, doesn’t mean you have effective enterprise secure workforce mobility.

Unfortunately, until we see a major breach tied to mobile endpoints, that’s not going to change. But the surging numbers of connected machine-to-machine devices (IoT), the rise in BYOD and COPE (corporately owned device personally enabled), and the overall surge in enterprise IT complexity suggest that a storm is brewing, and the our marketplace just isn’t prepared.


IoT creating new threats yet to even be thought about

The IoT footprint is exploding, with machine-to-machine or M2M connections are projected to increase to more than 1 billion by 2020, according to estimates by Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSMA)[1]. IoT and its “proximity” to your employees’ mobile devices is going to increase your IT complexity to levels never before seen. If you think your IT is complex now, just wait…

IoT is here, with technology such as sensors embedded in the concrete of a bridge in Minnesota that warns drivers of ice on the road through wireless onboard security systems in cars. Your mobile devices’ proximities to IoT will soon lead to a day-to-day necessity for having a mobile device to enter homes, offices, hotel rooms and vehicles, with each connection a potential to access point your network IP and customer data.

How does your IT security keep enterprise systems secure from mobility and IoT threats? A major piece of solving this puzzle is deploying a secure container on employees’ mobile devices so that business apps and access to your network are separated from personal apps, the latter the highest-risk IT asset connected to your network.


‘Mobility adoption’ isn’t really widely adopted

With BlackBerry’s acquisition of Good Technology, the list of secure mobility vendors with quality containerized work spaces is now even more miniscule. There is a monopoly brewing in our market place and with it comes the barriers to better solutions at lower costs. Because there are fewer challengers to the status quo, there is naturally less innovation for problem solving in marketplace software options and deployment flexibility. The result is a lot of customization and very long implementation life cycles, leading to massive cost of deployment and post-deployment cost of ownership. Conversely, the Independent Software Vendor or ISV community has had to step up and fill the void. At SyncDog, we are proud to lead the charge. We focus on best-of-breed containerized mobile workspaces and partner with leading MDM and EMM providers enhancing security and the capability to securely deploy mobile applications across large enterprises.

SyncDog operates with a standard, repeatable installation process and affordable cost-per-seat model. We are an ISV with access to an extensive partner ecosystem of technologies and services that allows us to create a customer experience comparable to enterprise-sized software vendors. The difference is more focus on marketplace need in product development and sound, repeatable processes for deployment. This helps us stay in the forefront of innovative trends in mobility to deliver solutions that zero in on solving mobility security problems. It is within this focus that we have created our government-grade secure mobility architecture for the SentinelSecure™ containerized work space.


SyncDog SentinelSecure™ capabilities:

  • Segmented containerized workspace for a wide range of app capabilities including Office Suite, File Manager, DropBox, File Sync, SharePoint, Instant Messaging, Camera, Secure Texting, and a host of others
  • FIPS 140-2 certified, AES 256-bit encryption for data both at rest and in transit
  • Flexible mobility architecture with capability to monitor IoT connections
  • Event log management for security, auditing and compliance
  • Extensive third-party mobility monitoring that includes ActiveSync, BlackBerry, Good Technology, IBM Notes Traveler, and others
  • Lightweight API for fast integration to any name-brand EMM or MDM

Download our latest white paper, “6 Things That Will Accelerate Enterprise Mobility Security Adoption”, to read more about driving forces that will accelerate enterprise mobility security adoption.

[1] http://www.gsma.com/aboutus/history