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By: Jonas Gyllvensaan, CEO, SyncDog 

When it comes to selecting the best technology plan for your company, take note of the fact that organizations are increasingly implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. 

Pros of BYOD

Approximately, 87% of organizations rely on employees’ use of personal devices to a certain extent. There are many benefits to a BYOD policy from both the employer and employee perspective. Employers benefit from saving money on buying, upgrading and replacing technologies and employees already know how to use their own device of preference, thus eliminating an often frustrating learning curve. Not to mention, working on-the-go or remotely improves productivity according to a Stanford professor’s study. Also, who wants to have to lug around multiple devices? The answer – not most people. 

Cons of BYOD

While the pros of BYOD are undeniable, the cons are enough to give many organization decision-makers pause. Namely, increased security risks and compliance. There are very few potential crisis situations companies have the power to prevent, one of those is an information security crisis. A myriad of mobile security solutions exist to address aspects of corporate mobile security concerns, such as mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), anti-virus (AV) and data loss prevention (DPL). The trouble is, these approaches require piecemealing different solutions, often from different providers. Yet another cause for concern. 

Addressing Leaderships’ BYOD Concerns

Fortunately for enterprises, our team here at SyncDog recognizes the hassle of dealing with various parties to achieve a single desired outcome. This is why we created Secure.Systems. It is a containerized application that is housed on employees’ mobile devices and secured with AES 256 bit encryption. With all the benefits of MDM, EMM, AV and DPL in one holistic application, corporate data is separated and protected from employees’ personal data. Not only that but it also seamlessly holds the most popular business tools from Office 365 to Skype for Business. With Secure.Systems, productivity is not hindered by security. 

Simplifying Mobile Security Software Deployment and Maintenance 

Instances of Secure.Systems can be easily deployed on-site at your headquarters, via the cloud/SaaS or a hybrid configuration. The flexibility of deployment is intended to give organizations the freedom of choice. Users don’t have to worry about a VPN! Secure.Systems connects to the management server behind the firewall via a relay in the DMZ using an AES 256 bit encrypted SSL tunnel. Once set up, SyncDog will enact company-specific controls to manage the application and company data, giving organizational control only to those who need it and maintaining application performance and updates as necessary.


Request a demo of Secure.Systems and contact our team to learn about how it can be customized to your specific organization’s needs. Read what Floor Coverings International Franchise-Owner and Secure.Systems customer, Resa Kierstein had to say about the onboarding process