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Our pure-software solutions solve the mobility service & security dilemmas and allow IT administrators to spend more time on high cost support calls!


In addition to being an innovator in Mobility Security, SyncDog offers guidance for organizations interested in making informed enterprise mobility decisions!


Learn more about the network of Partners around the world. Our global partners are sales and technical experts in all aspects of SyncDog solutions.


SyncDog is the leading ISV for containerized application security for enterprise mobile computing. Learn more about SentinelSecure™ in this
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Latest News from SyncDog

SyncDog’s SentinelSecure™ Defense-grade Enterprise Mobile Collaboration Platform and IoT Framework Featured in SuperbCrew

December 5, 2016
SuperbCrew features SyncDog CEO Jonas Gyllensvaan and the SentinelSecure™ solution, analyzing the current state of enterprise mobility security and SyncDog’s approach to secure enterprise collaboration from the datacenter out to...

SyncDog Announces Release of SentinelSecure™ Secure Mobile Container, Version 2.5, with Configuration for Enterprise Healthcare Industry

October 25, 2016
SyncDog releases configuration of SentinelSecureTM military-grade mobile container with version build for enterprise collaboration with HIPAA compliance that includes encrypted mobile healthcare workflows, Personal Information Management (PIM), File Management, and...

Healthcare CISOs Beware: HIPAA’s Baby Teeth are Long Gone

October 21, 2016
Cybercrime is rising in the healthcare industry, and so are the penalties for HIPAA violations. HIPAA’s early history is known for its surprising leniency, with no fines resulting from more...