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SyncDog to provide the Ottawa-based mobility consulting firm infrastructure components for its consumer and B2B lines of business, while Mobileyes will be offering a support infrastructure for Canadian distribution for the Reston, Virginia-based mobile security provider.

Reston, VA, August 11, 2015 – SyncDog, Inc., the leading ISV for mobile application containerization, today announced its partnership with Mobileyes Consulting Inc., a Canadian company well known for providing a wide range of mobile solutions, and helping customers create global strategies for mobile deployments.

Mobileyes Consulting is well established in the Canadian government and healthcare industries and will support SyncDog’s Sentinel mobile infrastructure platform that includes the SentinelSecure™ Mobile Application Container. The SentinelSecure software agent monitors all aspects of data flow between enterprise mobile components in real time to proactively control network utilization and security before problems occur. SentinelSecure allows mobile users to maintain a separate and encrypted partition on their phone or tablet for all enterprise-centric information, segmenting sensitive corporate IP from the rest of the device. SentinelSecure protects both data at rest and data in transit through Federal Information Processing Standard or FIPS 140-2, AES 256 bit encryption.

“We are very pleased to announce this technology partnership,” said John MacBeth, Mobileyes Consulting Inc. CEO. “With SyncDog’s mobile infrastructure and security platform, we have taken our mobile innovation to a higher technology standard, and further strengthened strategic partnerships with our customers. We always say that ‘we don’t just build apps, we build relationships,’ and that is exactly what we have done with the SyncDog agreement.”

“We are pleased to partner with such a reputable mobile services organization in Canada,” said Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO of SyncDog. “Our Sentinel platform coupled with Mobileyes consultancy expertise in healthcare and government will deliver fantastic value to the Canadian marketplace.”

For more information on SentinelSecure, please click here.

About Mobileyes Consulting, Inc.

Mobileyes Consulting Inc. is an Ottawa-based, 100% Canadian-owned private corporation and has been providing expert mobile solutions and creating and distributing digital content for more than 14 years.