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BYOD Done Right

The perfect balance between privacy and data security.

BYOD Done Right


SyncDog secures work data on personal devices

For personal devices used at work, SyncDog separates work data and personal data to provide a secure, private, and better end-user experience.

  • Better Security….
    FIPS 140-2 CERTIFIED, AES 256-bit encrypted container
  • Better Privacy….
    Full Separation of corporate & personal data – no MDM profile
  • Better End-User Experience….
    Desktop Experience on Mobile

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BYOD Done Right
The perfect balance between privacy and data security.


Privileged users can easily define the security rules within the app and grant or deny corporate data access privileges on devices.

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Mobile Device Management

If you supply company issued devices, you will still want MDM.    We include device tracking, inventory, application distribution, password verification, and enforcement, as well as data encryption.

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Mobile Threat Defense

End-users to remain secure on both managed and unmanaged devices, ensuring they are protected before allowing them to access or download sensitive corporate data.

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Private App Store

Our App Store follows a similar experience as popular public app store. Applications come with supporting information, screenshots, and reviews.

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Tired of being chained to your desk? 

You need SyncDog’s Secure.Systems™. Secure.Systems™ is a mobile security solution built with the mobile worker in mind. Watch to learn how to turn your personal device into a mobile office.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

A single instance of our Secure.Systems™ solution can be utilized across your mobile workforce as well as 3rd party contractors and consultants.


Enable BYOD

The Secure.Systems™ Workspace provides a secure application platform for employees accessing enterprise mobile productivity apps on BYOD or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) devices.


Increased Productivity & Security

Our solution finally removes the technological struggle of having to choose between increased security or increased productivity. SyncDog enables you to have both.

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