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As companies embrace the new year, it’s imperative to make securing mobile devices used for business purposes a top priority. Whether your company provides employees with devices or has a BYOD policy, there are too many operating system vulnerabilities (both on Android and iOS) to wholeheartedly trust built-in security measures. A quick glance at some of the most prevalent mobile security threats of 2020 proves this point. Entering the new year, it’s clear that COVID-19 themed attacks and nation-state interference are on the rise. As such, implementing a comprehensive Zero Trust policy across your entire organization, including for contractors and temporary employees, is essential.

Here are critical aspects of an effective mobile security solution:

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

MTD enables end-users to remain secure on both managed and unmanaged iOS and Android devices. It ensures they are protected before allowing them to access or download sensitive corporate data. These types of tools gather and analyze information, such as behavior anomalies. The best MTD tools don’t impact the speed or functionality of devices. Two of the industry’s top MTD solutions – Symantec and Zimperium – are available to SyncDog’s Trusted Mobile Workspace (TMW) customers to integrate into their solution..


Containerization is a mobile security technique that is lighter weight than virtual machines and runs seamlessly on top of any devices’ OS. A worthwhile app container, such as SyncDog’s TMW, protects data within a FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES 256-bit encrypted workspace. This structure allows privileged users to easily define the security rules within the app and also grant or deny corporate data access privileges on devices. If an employee leaves the company or a device is lost or stolen, corporate data inside the container can be remotely erased without infringing upon the employee’s personal data.

Private App Store

Unlike public app stores, a private app store equips your administrators with the ability to control the end-user’s options while providing them with a similar user experience. A secure app store-based delivery model for selected enterprise apps, both public and private, is a tool that enhances device management and security without compromising employees’ productivity.

[Bonus] Mobile Device Management (MDM)

On its own, MDM tools fall short of effective mobile security, though many companies mistakenly believe it’s sufficient. Its main strength lies in its ability to remotely set policies for user access across diverse devices. This is particularly useful in BYOD work environments. Supplementing MDM with additional security measures is a necessary function, which makes SyncDog unique in the market as a single vendor for enterprise mobile security AND mobile device management needs. One sign on, one download and end users are ready to work securely.


SyncDog’s Secure.Systems is the first fully integrated end-to-end mobile security solution for employees accessing enterprise apps, files, email and data on mobile devices. It’s a modular yet all-in-one mobile security solution from a single vendor, download and administrative console that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the various roles and responsibilities of your employee base – down to the individual – ensuring security, enhanced productivity and convenience of use.