Sentinel Management Console for Mobile Infrastructure Monitoring

SyncDog Sentinel allows you to monitor all aspects of your data-flow between your mobile components, starting with data coming through your firewall to your mobility platforms, such as BlackBerry, Good Technology, or through any other commercially available MDM provider and to your Mail infrastructure.
Using SyncDog’s simple dashboard, you can proactively identify issues before your users know about service outages. You can aggregate and correlate mobility server events with other components ranging from a third party NOC to your database servers to your corporate mail servers.


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Supported platforms

  • Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Domino 9.x
  • Traveler 9.x
  • BlackBerry 5.x, 10.x
  • Good for Enterprise 7.x

SyncDog Management Key Features

Monitoring dashboard:

  • Access from your mobile device or desktop
  • Customized role-based user view
  • Single pane of glass: At a glance, can see all your mobility and messaging servers’ overall health and quickly identify bottlenecks and performance issues
  • Monitor data delivery times
  • Monitor defined connection ports and windows events

Management console

  • Available from your mobile device or desktop
  • Customized role-based user view
  • Manage servers, stop/start services, view and stop processes, restart server, view memory, disk space, track CPU utilization.
  • Monitor real-time log activity
  • View server events defined by your own defined requirements and/or the out of the box configured suggestions
  • Exchange: Perform defined PowerShell queries to further determine performance Exchange service statistics
  • Trace user transactions
  • Manage mobility users, reset password, perform device wipes, activate, review errors, assign group/policies/software

Server Agent

  • Resides on each host, requires little system resources, provides heartbeat information to management console
  • Intelligent flat file monitoring, easily integrates with your mobile and messaging servers
  • Connects back to the Management server to provide real-time server and user information
  • Agent configuration can be applied to like servers once initial configuration is completed
  • Can integrate with other monitoring tools using SNMP/Trap
  • Allows for ‘on the fly’ definition of new triggers without reinstallation or user outage
  • Customized Definition of trigger and alert delivery: Send appropriate alerts to the appropriate first responders

The Challenge

What is the root cause of a service issue? Is it a single server, geographic region, mail server, active directory server, database issue, NOC issue, load balancers or network outage? Because many companies segment their support for different portions of their infrastructure proving exactly what or where the issue started becomes more crucial for a quick resolution. With SyncDog’s monitoring solution, you have the data necessary to simply determine where the issue rests.

How Sentinel Management approaches the challenge

  1. Sentinel Agent collects raw log data instead of SNMP data. Why did we use this approach? Traditionally BlackBerry SNMP monitoring was very limited and often hours behind, which meant issues could turn into serious problems before you knew it. Sentinel Agent collects all that data and sifts through it to find the warning signs, before real problems affect the enterprise.
  2. With Sentinel Agent, detailed BlackBerry® and Good® and Exchange specific events and warning conditions can be easily integrated into existing event notification and escalation procedures. Sentinel Agent supports all the common network monitoring systems. The product monitors event and error logs to proactively control symptoms before problems occur.
  3. Because the Sentinel Management Solution can collect data from all your messaging and mobility servers, it can correlate this data to narrow down where the fault resides.

Sentinel Management and Sentinel Agent Highlights

  • Long history of Monitoring BlackBerry 5 servers
  • End-to-end solution for remote monitoring and troubleshooting of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server™, Good® for Enterprise Server™ and Active Sync Servers
  • Network monitoring system integration
  • Sentinel Management and Sentinel Agent are powerful solutions that quickly plug into common network monitoring systems to ensure the optimal performance of your Mobility and Email Servers through event management, and a complete reporting facility.
  • Customizable notification settings including SNMP, SMS and email
  • Simple Monitoring Dashboard
  • Flexible – Allows you to use our preloaded alert knowledge base or configure your own customized without requiring a reinstall
    This flexibility allows you to grow your tool by giving you an easy way to add new alerts as the Mobility or ActiveSync solutions develop new features (and bugs).
  • Setup port and application/system event monitoring and set your own acceptable thresholds for mail routing.

4 Reasons why organizations lack security in mobile computing

  1. Organizations don’t control the network; historically, network security controls served as a compensating layer of protection in the event host-based controls fail. Today, 99% of organizations have no insight into mobile network activity into/out-of their facilities.
  2. Organizations don’t monitor mobile activity against their infrastructure; most security teams assume that standard enterprise security toolsets are already watching mobile connections against their infrastructure services like email and collaboration sites. None of the major security toolsets have done in-depth R&D to bring to market mobile-focused intelligence offerings and only a select number of forward-leaning, highly-mature organizations have written their own.
  3. Organizations don’t control the integrity of the endpoint; host-based controls are based upon cryptographic certainty of boot-time operations. 99% of organizations do not have the ability to assure the boot-time integrity of firmware, operating systems and applications.
  4. Organizations don’t assure the identity of mobile users; hardware-separated multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the only proven way to assure user identity. Outside of the U.S. Government, there is virtually no significant known deployments of hardware-separated MFA. SyncDog’s hardware-separated MFA combined with best-in-class mobility and messaging monitoring can make sure that you are tracking these events and occurrences. Properly understanding where each transaction is flowing, and the path and behavior during the transaction is essential to understanding your security exposure, and taking corrective action, while maintaining compliance.

In Summary

SyncDog provides active monitoring for both BlackBerry 5, and for BlackBerry 10, Good for Enterprise as well as ActiveSync and Domino/Traveler. Our solution allows for performance monitoring of all Infrastructure systems as well as user activity. Being able to fully monitor mail flow and other key data points, will allow your enterprise to better secure and provide your end users a trusted environment

Be in control of your investment and have the data you need to make the right decisions with the click of the mouse!